Customer Loyalty Program
Customer Loyalty Program

As part of Metrium’s ongoing commitment to customer service, we have developed various loyalty programs to reward our valued customers. There are more than 50 partner companies in our rewards programs and that number is still growing. Here is how it works: you choose us as your real estate broker and you get up to 50% off for services offered by our participating companies.

Here is a short list of major companies participating in our rewards programs: ГрузовичкоФ, ALNO, BoConcept, Elfa®, Либерти Страхование, OBI, Simple, Каширский двор, INDEXflat, Аксиома, etc.  

Here are just some of the Metrium Loyalty Program benefits guaranteeing you to get the best rates in all of the following:

  • Professional help in getting tax deductions

  • Relocating and moving services

  • Custom-made furniture production

  • Insurance for your apartment

  • Interior lighting design

  • Purchasing indoor plants

  • All types of construction and repair services

  • Kitchen furniture

  • Custom made closets

How it works

Right after purchasing your apartment through Metrium, you receive discounts from the participating companies. Various discounts being offered immediately after signing the Purchasing Agreement or a DDY Agreement or a PDKP. We have more than 20 individual rewards programs in all of the residential complexes we currently represent. Depending on the location, you will receive great deals from the nearby stores, joining a gym, etc.

Why we are better

And this is why you should choose Metrium as your real estate broker:

You are safe with us!

Our rewards programs participants are solely well known companies with top customer reviews. And we absolutely guarantee high quality of their products and services.

You will save a lot of money!

All the discounts offered are exclusive in cooperation with our company. Other brokers do not offer such lucrative discounts.

It is convenient for you!

Each residential apartment complex offers a unique rewards program depending on where it is located. You will not have to go across town to get one of those discounts.

This program is for you!

All rewards programs are made to satisfy your current needs, starting from looking for a moving company to buying furniture. The programs vary depending on the combination of your budget and needs. Thus, you will be able to find discounts ranging from shopping at your local supermarket to getting help in recruiting an experienced household staff.


To find more on rewards programs offered, please contact your sales manager or call the general number:

+7 (499) 270-20-20

Or right and email to: