Our philosophy is based on creating a high level of comfort for customers regardless of where they prefer to sign the deal: it could be in the central office of the company or in the sales office directly at the project/construction site.

The central sales office of Metrium Group is located on the 35th floor of Nordstar Tower Business Center and it can provide customers with full range of first-class services, including making cash payments at the office cash register.

Location, construction technology, its layout and other specifications of a sales office directly depend on how you conduct your sales process and are unique for each specific project.

A full service sales office gives customers an opportunity to have a closer look at the real estate development and choose an apartment, review various layouts for it and even decoration solutions. All this becomes possible in our showrooms that feature prospective apartments, there you can as well sign a contract , obtain a mortgage loan and receive the keys. The full service office may include a back office for employees of the entire sales department: CRM specialists, lawyers, advertising managers and other staff.

Alternatively, the office may be smaller and include only work places for managers whose main function is to provide buyers with initial consultation about the project, while the signing itself of all agreements takes place in the central office of Metrium Group.

The best solution for any specific case is determined by specialists of Metrium Group together with the developer based on the joint implementation plan, competitive advantages of the project, total square meters offered and other basic information.

Solutions designed by Metrium Group:

1. Capital structure: construction time period is 5-6 months.

An office has slab or cast-in-place piles foundation; construction material is glued beams and concrete. Autonomous utility systems.

2. A rapidly erected frame construction, the construction period is 4 months.

The office is on a light foundation on screw piles; structure is made of frames; façade is made of metal/thermally modified wood/glass, as well as more standard solutions for the façade such as HPL panels, ceramics, etc. The building if equipped with full range of utility systems: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, autonomous water supply and sewage, power supply and communication lines, fire alarm, Internet, etc.

3. An office in residential/commercial areas of a residential cluster being under construction;  period of completion is about 2 months:

If a construction project is close to its final stages of completion, we suggest you an option to establish a marketing and sales office on the first floor of a residential building with additionally setting up showrooms in unsold nearby apartments.

4. A temporary solution. Mobile offices, period of completion is about 2 calendar days:

Small pavilions of 20-40m2 in area, made up from using metal frames. This solution will be suitable for small-scale projects and may be used as a temporary office until the main office is complete. Such pavilion may accommodate up to 4 workplaces and you may install there a scale model; the office may have a WC.