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About the project

Completion date: 4 quarter 2015

Fili Grad is a new multi-use residential complex located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow, not far away from famous Filevskiy park.

A distinctive feature of the multi-use complex Fili Grad is the combination of both residential 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments and suites 36 – 100 sq.m, and business and leisure areas. By June 2016 the developer will have completed 4 monolithic buildings with varying number of storeys. The buildings will be located opposite to each other and form a closed-in and cozy common courtyard. Windows of some apartments provide luxurious views of the Moskva river and Moscow City business center that features the tallest skyscrapers in Russia.

Fili Grad perfectly combines both individual architectural solutions provided by renowned architects, and carefully designed local infrastructure. Phe project provides for fenced and guarded territory of the complex, construction of a kindergarten and playgrounds, two-level underground parking and surface parking lots for guests. Lower floors of the complex will house boutiques, a supermarket, café, fitness center, etc. In addition to that it is planned to build retail and office areas that will allow local residents to work in the immediate vicinity of their homes. 

There are general education schools, stores, movie theaters, a swimming pool, the Institute of Modern Arts, Olympic sports school, Alabiev Arts School, the Fili kids park, as well as the Sports Complex and AfiMall Shopping and Leisure center.

Multi-use complex Fili Grad is very conveniently located in terms of transport accessibility. The Fili subway station is in just a 15 minute walk from the Complex and the Shelepikha subway station is planned to be opened in 2016 and a new bridge across the Moskva river will be built, which will make it even easier to reach the complex by public transport. In addition, a five minute ride by car will take you to the Third Ring Road, Kutosovskiy prospekt and Smitovskiy proezd.

Fili Grad is located in a green and a less polluted borough of Moscow. Over one third of its territory has green zones, such as the Filevskiy park, a well known and a unique cultural monument of the XVII-XIX centuries. The park covers the riverbanks for five kilometers and offers its visitors not only excellent promenade areas and wonderful fresh air but also a landscaped beach and a boat station. In addition, there is the Naryshkins farmstead, the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (a cultural monument of the Baroque), as well as the Voroshilovkiy and the Suvorovskiy parks.

Multi-use complex Fili Grad is a perfect solution for those who want to live, work and play in the same place.

The Fili Grad apartments,

The very best deals from the Developer

Modern engineering solutions, own local infrastructure, panoramic windows, central air conditioning system and high-quality construction materials – all this makes the multi-use complex Fili Grad very attractive in every way. Apartments come in a wide price range and target potential buyers with above average income.

The Fili Grad residential areas are offered without finishing; therefore, thanks to having modern floor plans, you can always turn your apartment into a comfort living space of your choice. The suites and apartments will have plastic windows with argon-filled triple-pane glasses and metal doors; and 3.1 meter ceilings.

It is worth noting that this residential complex offers not only apartments but also suites which have recently become very popular.

Suites is a modern and convenient type of real estate property which highlight the special status of its owner. Generally, suites are popular among business owners, top managers and creative people such as photographers, musicians and designers. Buying a suite is considered to be a good investment, it is easy to rent it out and in most cases a suite is a second or even a third real estate property for the owner.

The Fili Grad apartments and suites are prestigious, safe and comfortable.

Buying a Fili Grad apartment is a profitable investment

Apartments in Fili Grad are already available for sale!

We are happy to offer you an opportunity to buy an apartment in one of most prestigious districts of Moscow, the multi-use complex of Fili Grad , at the initial stage of construction and at best prices! 

Neon lemon and turquoise colors and wonderful views will cheer you up, excellent local infrastructure will help to diversify your every day life; the area is green and less polluted and will be most certainly very beneficial for you; increased security ensures comfort and peace of mind; and good transport accessibility makes it easy to get to any place of the city in a short time. We just cannot say enough about all the advantage of living in the Fili Grad. You most definitely should buy an apartment here as it will turn out to be a very profitable investment. 

Buying an apartment or a suite in Fili Grad at the initial stage of construction will not only give you a possibility to get the right property but it will also guarantee that your investment will bring profit since buying at the initial stage always costs less comparing with a price for a ready to move in apartment.

Multi-use complex of Fili Grad offers a very decent living in a luxurious residential area of Moscow!

Residential complex of Fili Grad

The residential complex of Fili Grad is located in one of the most appealing districts of Moscow and has many advantages for living in there. They include lining in a green area since the north-west part of Moscow has many forest parks that make the air in these areas clean and fresh. The Complex is located within walking distance to the subway and to the historic center of Moscow. The apartments offer excellent panoramic views of Moscow’s main attractions – the Moskva river and Moscow City.

Unique façade design of the residential complex, created by famous designers stands from the background of typical panel high-rise buildings due to its bright colors and panoramic bay-windows.

The Fili Grad being compact but comfortable for living consist of four buildings forming a single courtyard and includes residential areas, office center, as well as leisure and retail infrastructure. The new buildings of the Fili Grad offer you apartments and suites with European-type layouts. The residential complex of Fili Grad has its own well developed local infrastructure which includes a two-level parking, surface parking lot, café, stores and service offices area. A kindergarten is also in the plans. Thanks to the location of the Complex, the residents will have access to business and leisure local infrastructure of Moscow City which is just in few minutes by car.

Fili Grad residential complex

 Apartment and suites prices in Fili Grad are quite high but considering the benefits of living in the Complex the expenses for buying a property in there will be all worth it. And if you buy a real estate property at an early stage of construction, you can save even more considering  the Developer of Complex is MR Group, one of most reliable developers in Moscow real estate market. This company has been building high quality residential and commercial real estate since 2003.

Choosing a site for your future apartment in Moscow one should carefully assess the following factors: public transportation, pollution, local infrastructure and social environment. Considering all of the above The Fili district is of the best among other districts of Moscow, being ahead even of the Central Administrative District. Perhaps, new buildings in Fili cannot compete with the center of Moscow in term of local infrastructure, but compared to other districts it is very comfortable for living: Fili has kindergartens, educational institutions, hospitals, outpatient clinics, leisure zones and shopping malls. Further, this district has a lot of green public gardens and beautiful parks where you can well spend your free time with your family. All this makes the new Fili developments very popular today, especially because the real estate market there offers a wide variety of options. Buying an apartment in a new buildings of the Fili Grad, you will surely enjoy its convenient location, advanced local infrastructure, plenty of fresh air and high quality of construction.

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Согласен на обработку персональных данных.
Ставя отметку, я даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных в соответствии с законом №152-Ф3 «О персональных данных» от 27.07.2006 г.
Согласен на обработку персональных данных. Ставя отметку, я даю свое согласие на обработку моих персональных данных в соответствии с законом №152-Ф3 «О персональных данных» от 27.07.2006 г.