Metrium Group is a strategic partner and consultant of “Sberbank Asset Management” managing company and an investor in “Sberbank – Residential Real Estate 2” closed-end real estate investment fund.

“Sberbank – Residential Real Estate 2” closed-end real estate investment fund was established for the purpose of investments in new construction projects of economy and comfort classes at the initial stage of the project implementation, immediately after the developer obtains a required construction permit. Primary condition of investing is sales management of all projects in compliance with the Federal Law 214-FZ.

Key function of Metrium Group is to analyze new developments investment prospects  for their possible subsequent acquisition by the Fund, as well as creation and overseeing the sales process and support of transactions.


  • Net asset value (NAV):  over 3.5 billion Russian rubles.
  • Structure: Fund’s own capital without use of borrowed money.
  • Investment horizon (validity period of the fund): 3.5 years (the respective agreement for trust administration of the Fund expires on 25th of December 2017).
  • Minimum investment for unitholders: 1 million Russian rubles.
  • Target profitability: about 14% per year*.
  • Investments in each real estate development project: 300 – 500 million Russian rubles.
  • Number of projects available for investing: up to 10.
  • Income from investments in the high-yielding real estate market.
  • Acquisition of rights under co-investment contracts in construction of residential buildings in the early stages at a discount accompanied by a one time significant wholesale transaction. Metrium will assist clients in getting reduction in marketing expenses and subsequent sales of the finished apartments.
  • Geography – Moscow and Moscow Metropolitan area.
  • Type of residential property: economy and comfort classes as most liquid segments of the real estate market.
  • Transport accessibility: vicinity of subway of railway stations, availability of traffic interchanges.
  • Our partner developer is a financially sound company with sustainable flow of new projects.

*Target profitability is an estimated value indicated for information purposes only. This value is not a public offer, official forecast or a guarantee of future profitability of the fund. Investment unit price may increase or decrease depending on the current market.

As of today, “Sberbank – Residential Real Estate 2” closed-end real estate investment fund is fully raised. The management company (Sberbank Asset Management) has invested the funds received from the unitholders. Units of the fund have been approved for trading on the Moscow Exchange.

As of today, assets of the fund include 11 developments of residential property: