Metrium Group specialists have many years of experience in consulting and market analysis of residential real estate market.

We provide the full range of consulting services, from evaluation of investment prospects to development of commercial and marketing concepts of a project. Depending on the stage of project implementation we offer the following scenarios of cooperation:

  • We determine the competitive environment for your particular project. We also offer the analysis of key market characteristics and trends.
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Analysis of consumer preferences and characteristics of demand.
  • Investment prospects evaluation of that particular area development.
  • We offer additional scenarios of that particular area development. Recommendations on main parameters of real estate development.
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis.
  • Design of commercial concepts of area development.
  • Support of architectural concept of the project.
  • Preparation of sketches for the area master plan and optimizing the key development elements for better sales.
  • Estimation of revenues from the sales.
  • Estimation of the project sales schedule.
  • Estimation of a price policy for the sales.
  • Project Preparation for initial sales.
  • Development of an efficient sales strategy.
  • Development of a business plan for the project, etc.

We create a team of analysts, consultants, top brokers, as well as architects and technical specialists to create a better area planning.

Having all necessary up-to-date information on current and future market conditions, sales statistics for properties of various classes and concepts, we will help you to determine the most efficient guidelines and strategy to make this project successful.

Considering the objectives and goals set by the Customer, we will develop a customized program of analysis with optimal deadlines and scope of work.

Expert evaluation of projects.

Metrium Group offers independent expert evaluation of main parameters of both commercial and architectural concepts of real estate projects in light of future sales.

We offer the following types of expert advice services:

  • Evaluation of typology, balance and total construction square area with accordance of demand. We also offer our recommendations as to how to improve the sbove components.
  • Evaluation of layout concepts in terms of prospects of sales and recommendations on their improvement to increase efficiency and comfort.
  • Evaluation of current and planned prices and recommendations on your price policy and commercial terms of sales.
  • Recommendations on sales strategies for residential and commercial properties within the scope of your project.
  • Recommendations on improvement of attractiveness of your project to consumers (level of interior finishing, availability of amenities on surrounding grounds, technical outfitting, etc.).

Engagement of Metrium Group to carry out expert evaluation of your project will allow you to:

  • Obtain professional evaluation of conformity of the concept and desired solutions of your project with current and future trends of the market and preferences of consumers;
  • Optimize parameters of housing development and layout concepts;
  • Minimize market risks during the entire sales process;
  • Achieve maximum sales performance;
  • Decrease time required for preparation before the sales start.